Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy represents a part of the Member Agreement and was created by SexFlexiblr to illustrate our procedures on disclosures and on protection of private information. Described herein are details regarding the gathering of information.

Disclosure of Information

Unless stated within this policy, SexFlexiblr does not trade, share, sell, rent, or distribute personal information about Members to any third parties. SexFlexiblr also reserves the right to share personal information with the appropriate authorities in order to prevent fraud, deter liabilities, diminish illegal activities, or to prevent harm to any persons when SexFlexiblr is morally obligated to do so by law requirements. In the event of government requests regarding disclosure of information about Members, SexFlexiblr has the ability to comply with all government requests and turn over any and all records. Additionally, when SexFlexiblr is required to do so, because of court order regarding disputes involving Members, reasonably believes release of information will alleviate liability, or to enforce the SexFlexiblr’s rights, all Members allow SexFlexiblr to release the necessary information. If SexFlexiblr goes through a business transition such as but not limited to a merger, acquisition, or sale of assets related to the company, Member’s personal information will be part of the assets transferred to the new business entity. If after the business transition, the personally identifiable information will be used or maintained differently than outlined in this policy or at the time of the collection of information, then Members will be given ample time to decide whether or not they agree to the new changes in policy.


SexFlexiblr may contain links to other websites. Take note, SexFlexiblr is not responsible for content or privacy practices related to third-party website. By clicking any third-party links, individuals run the risk of potentially having information collected by third-party advertising, marketing, or service companies and / or providers. Third-parties could potentially collect information in regards to the type of internet browser used by an individual, the domain name of SexFlexiblr or location on our site which led to the third-party website and in regards to which operating system an individual chooses to use. A third-party may even use cookies during the length of an individual’s visit to a website. This allows them to determine how far an individual has progressed into the website and any actions taken by the individual on the website. A third-party is only allowed to use the information collected for general reporting as described above.

Monitoring Content

SexFlexiblr reserves the right to reasonable monitor all content submitted and exchanges between members on SexFlexiblr. To clarify, this includes but is not limited to audio, pictures, videos, or information displayed and accessible to Members as well as communications between Members with each other via chat, email, or usages of any forums provided by SexFlexiblr. SexFlexiblr can remove or advise Members to remove any material / content which violates the member agreement, potentially creates liability, infringes this privacy policy, or is deemed unlawful. SexFlexiblr may release information if SexFlexiblr has just cause to do so in regards to compliance with laws, legal requests, regulations, or government legislation to alleviate liabilities and to safeguard users.


SexFlexiblr offers content focused toward Members who are adults at least eighteen (18) years of age (21-years old where 18 is not the age of majority). SexFlexiblr requires that all Members be at least eighteen (18) years old (21-years old where 18 is not the age of majority). Portions of SexFlexiblr available to individuals, such as SexFlexiblr home page have no intentions of gathering or distributing personal information such as name, address, email address, or telephone number from individuals under eighteen (18) years of age (21-years old where 18 is not the age of majority). Persons under the age of eighteen (18) years of age (21-years old where 18 is not the age of majority) should not visit SexFlexiblr or submit information to SexFlexiblr as minors are not eligible to use SexFlexiblr. Therefore, we request that a parent, guardian, or legal custodian of any minor who has provided SexFlexiblr with personally-identifiable information contact us.

Collection of Information

SexFlexiblr may use a Member’s IP address to assist in the diagnosis of problems related to SexFlexiblr, our databases, or our servers. An IP address can tell the location and service provider of an individual as well as which parts of the website an Individual is accessing. SexFlexiblr does not publically list IP addresses or use IP addresses to display personally identifiable information. A Member’s session may be tracked but anonymity will remain during the session. SexFlexiblr tracks IP addresses for purposes of liability protection, fraud prevention, and if warranted to release IP addresses to legal authorities or government agencies. SexFlexiblr primarily collects personally identifiable information from individuals to provide all Members with a more effective, efficient, and rewarding experience while using the features and services of SexFlexiblr. SexFlexiblr may require Members to provide SexFlexiblr with contact information as well as personal information such as legal names, email addresses, and age. Additionally, you should be aware that if you use your legal name as your Member name that this information will be visible to all individuals who visit SexFlexiblr. SexFlexiblr may also utilize features such as but not limited to in-site emailing, forums, or chat rooms. SexFlexiblr and SexFlexiblr are not responsible for the distribution of personally identifiable information which a Member may provide in these forums. SexFlexiblr uses contact information to send Members the required notifications regarding news about SexFlexiblr, news and updates about SexFlexiblr, and information needed to maintain an individual’s membership account. SexFlexiblr may request additional information from Members via promotional programs, special offers, or marketing surveys. Participation regarding the call for additional information is voluntary and the Members maintain the choice to not complete the requests for additional information. The information collected will be used to further develop SexFlexiblrs aesthetic look, user interface, user experience, quality of services offered, and functions of SexFlexiblr to better meet the needs of Members. SexFlexiblr may contain links to other websites. SexFlexiblr and SexFlexiblr are not responsible for the practices regarding privacy or the content of such third party websites.